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Welcome to the APICS Wichita Chapter!

Chapter management excellence is an integral component to enhancing the member experience. Successful APICS chapters provide their members with opportunities for stellar education, career development, and networking.

The APICS Chapter Benchmarking and Reporting (CBAR) program recognizes chapters that have exceeded minimum standards and exemplify excellence in overall chapter management. We are proud to announce the APICS Wichita Chapter received the 2020 CBAR Platinum Award designation, an admirable accomplishment for an APICS chapter.

As a member of an APICS Platinum Award Winning Chapter, the CBAR designation signifies commitment to providing an exceptional membership experience.

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I’ve heard the term “unprecedented” used before, but 2020 may be the first time I’ve truly seen and felt an environment that changed everything so quickly and so dramatically. No amount of risk mitigation could have prepared so many institutions for what we have experienced this year. And while we are still uncertain about what the future may bring, APICS Wichita has elected to try and get things started again. We have a lot of varied activities planned for the year and are excited about teaching more and more people in southern and western Kansas what we as supply chain professionals do and how we can help the companies we support respond to the challenges this year has brought. Help us spread the message. Share our calendar outside of the APICS community. And invite everyone to participate in our activities in person or virtually, depending on their level of comfort. The need for the skills we teach and certify have never been greater. And if you are ready to become a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), we are offering the training through Butler CC this fall! Go to https://www.butlercc.edu/info/201090/business-education-and-training-analysis-beta/499/apics-supply-chain---inventory-management-in-wichita-ks and click on Register Now!
Join us on this exciting journey!

John Danley

President, APICS Wichita

We would like to share some exciting news with everyone about the award recipients from the Top 50 Chapters Symposium which was held in Orlando on January 24 and 25. This collaborative event is designed to leverage and share chapter community best practices and growth strategies for the development of the overall APICS chapter community.

The 2020 North American Top Chapter Rising Star for Training award recognizes an up-and-coming chapter with the largest annual increase in purchases among medium-sized chapters (under $100k) in sales).  It was given this year to the APICS Wichita Chapter!!   Brian Ferris, President (outgoing), was in Orlando to accept the award.