Upcoming Meetings

Identity Theft and the Importance of Cyber Security Measures

December 12, 2017
5:45 PM to 7:30 PM

Caesar's Table
125 N Market
Wichita, KS 67202

Scott Ferris will be speaking to us about Identify Theft and Cyber Security

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Building a Competitive Advantage Through Transformational Leadership

January 09, 2018
5:45 PM to 7:00 PM

Caesar's Table
125 N Market
Wichita, KS 67202

Brent Edmisten will be the keynote speaker for this joint meeting with ISM

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Apics News

APICS Logistics Credential Quickly Surpasses 1000 Certifications
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Loyola University wins International Student Team Competition at APICS 2017
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New SCOR 12.0 Model Launched at APICS 2017, Advancing the Global Standard for Supply Chain Excellence
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Welcome to the APICS Wichita Chapter!

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APICS Wichita President’s Message - September 2017


Welcome to APICS (A Professional Association for Supply Chain Management) Wichita! I am pleased to announce an incredible line up of Professional Development Opportunities and Tours. Please make sure you sign up early to attend the events as space is limited.

We launch our year with our Annual Boss’s Night on 9/12. Bring your Boss, co-workers, and friends and learn how to “Use Supply Chain Levers to Impact The Bottom Line.” In this PDM,  you will learn about key levers that can make an immediate impact to the bottom line as well as be able to get hands on experience using the levers in a simulation. Attendees will be able to review financial statements and, using key operational information, determine what happened and what supply chain lever should be used to counter the issue and ensure operational metrics are met. This PDM is also a breakout session at the APICS 2017 National Convention in San Antonio later this year.

On October 10th, we will travel to Wichita State University for a behind the scenes operation review of WSU Men’s Basketball and Other sports at Charles Koch Arena. In this tour, we will learn what it takes to plan, schedule, and manage the logistics of WSU Men’s Basketball and other sports utilizing Koch Arena.

In November, we will tour Seat King in Hutchinson, which should be fairly interesting as it is in a secure area of the prison. December 12th will bring a PDM on Identity Theft and the importance of Cyber Security Measures presented by Scott Ferris. This is critical to Supply Chain and Operations Management especially as we hear more about hackers holding companies “Cyber-Hostage” with Ransomware attacks. This is where hackers demand a ransom in order for you to get access to your system or protect your system. The most recent public attack has been HBO, where the ransom is $7.5M or new Game of Thrones episodes will be leaked. The importance of protecting your own personal data as well as those within your company is more important than ever.

We are pleased to have Brent Edmiston (VP Global Supply Chain, Engineering, R&D, and Logistics at Excel Industries) as our keynote speaker January 9th for the joint meeting with ISM speaking about Building a Competitive advantage through transformational leadership. February 13th, we are on-site at Wichita State University – Industrial Engineering department to hear about manufacturing related projects focused on efficiencies and process improvements presented directly by students. Our April PDM (10th) and Seminar (11th – 12th) will be a deeper dive into Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) with Carol Ptak. The seminar will be a two-day event from the Demand Driven MRP Institute. We will end the year with a Tour of Wichita Brewing Company on May 8th.

Throughout the year, we will publish updates to the PDM/Tour schedule, District meetings and Conventions, Opportunities for credit through webinars, Volunteer opportunities, Board Openings, and other events on our chapter website, http://apics-wichita.com/.

Trainers within the chapter are also available to train and certify you or your team on any of the APICS educational offerings. This includes CPIM, CSCP, Principles of Operations Management, SCOR Training as well as the new Certification in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD).

There are several opportunities available to be more active in the local chapter throughout the year as well: From helping at the Chamber of Commerce Expo event in September, Judging Student Papers at District Meetings, Judging WSU Industrial Engineering projects for awards, volunteering with the Lego Project, or mentoring someone for STEM. It’s easy to get involved, develop your network, and mentor/support the community!

As you can see, it will be an amazing year for professional development with many opportunities to learn more about operations and supply chain management. We hope to see you!

Sandy Jessop