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Tour of Perfekta (CANCELLED)

March 17, 2020
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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480 E 21st St North
Wichita, KS 67214

Cancelled: Our hosts at Perfekta hope to reschedule at a future date.

Tour Instructions.

  1. Please send a picture/copy of each visitor’s state issued ID or Driver’s License by 3/10/20 to [email protected]
  2. Name, email address, company name and phone number of each attendee must be provided
    • The email will be used to send a QR code to each attendee after the background check.  They will bring that QR code with them and it will speed the check in process.
  3. All attendees must wear closed toed/heeled shoes
  4. All attendees must wear pants, no skirts, capris, shorts etc.
  5. No photography of any kind


At Perfekta, our strategy is to continually implement and utilize leading edge technology in order to compete in a rapidly advancing global market, and to meet our customer's expectations in the areas of cost, quality and delivery.

By focusing on standardized manufacturing processes and the elimination of non-value added activity, Perfekta is positioned for rapid growth in its core competencies of large monolithic aluminum structures, hard metal machined components, and precision assembly of large structures.

High Speed Machining

At Perfekta, we take pride in being one of the industry leaders in high velocity machining of large aluminum monolithic structures. Our philosophy has been to seek out a competitive edge through non-traditional machining approaches. Through the use of our multiple, large Makino MAG-3's and flexible manufacturing systems that apply high velocity machining techniques, Perfekta is able to produce complex machined structures at competitive prices, improved delivery, shorter lead times, reduced inventory, improved quality and shorter overall cash cycle times.

In addition to aluminum machining, Perfekta also specializes in the machining of hard metals. Our hard metal focus ranges from complex 5 axis products to straight forward 3 axis, both in titanium and steel.

Our ability to provide expertise in multi-axis high speed machining, kitting, assembly, and customer inventory management have all attributed to the growth of the company.

Longbed Machining

One of Perfekta’s goals is to continue to invest in large machine platforms that cover most any size of component that our customers need to procure. Our Gantry platforms are designed to accommodate very large components, and to machine them at high speeds while holding extremely tight tolerances.

Large structural components such as SparsRibsSkinsBulkheads, and Beams are great examples from both commercial and defense programs that fit very well into our large machine category.


Perfekta continues to lead the way in structural and precision assembly capabilities within the aerospace industry. Robust assembly processes and highly skilled workers' attention to detail and quality allow Perfekta to add the necessary value that today's customers demand.

Whether it is a large-scale structural assembly such as a floor, pylon or truss build up or a detailed bench top precision assembly, Perfekta employs the necessary means to ensure the success of your supply chain strategy.

Program Management

Perfekta recognizes that dedicated resources must be focused on transitioning projects, as well as sustaining work statements, in order to fully support the Customer and meet their expectations throughout every phase of work statement maturation.

Our culture is to emphasize the importance of these phases by building support teams around individual program managers. They are fully empowered internally to manage the cross-functional teams that surround them. This internal empowerment allows them to be fully responsible for your work statement and is the key to the success of our partnership.

Supply Chain Management

Perfekta recognizes that in order to perform to the level of service that our customers expect, we must have a strong supply chain. In our efforts to support changing schedules, short flow customer demand and World Class Performance, Perfekta's focus is building our supply chain around supply partners that offer the efficiency, flexibility and customer support that give us an advantage in today's highly competitive aerospace market.

Inventory Management

At Perfekta, our Vision to become the best “Low Maintenance Supplier” has driven multiple changes in our operations. Inventory Management is one particular area that Perfekta considers as a key to achieve its vision. Not only planning and controlling Perfekta's inventory, but also setting our operations with lean and continuous improvement techniques allowing us to target inventory control across the supply chain pipeline.

Perfekta's team strongly believes that Inventory Performance is a concern to everyone in the supply chain. We engage with both customers and suppliers to develop and implement lean inventory systems that link our material supply into our operations and extend out into our customers' inventory when appropriate.

  • Forecasting
  • Kanban Pull Systems
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