Policies and Procedures

APICS-Wichita Policy and Procedures Page -The Wichita chapter of APICS publishes its policies and procedures on this page. Any comments are appreciated.

The Wichita Chapter of the Education Society for Resource Management is positioned for impact in the Wichita business community.Documents to manage our chapter are posted here. the document title, the last date it was modified and its status are posted:

  • Pub = Published
  • APP = Pending approval by board
  • IW = In work for comments


Click to download a pdf version or the Word/excel version.

APICS Wichita Chapter Bylaws (Adobe - pdf)

Board Responsibilities

President - Job Description
President Elect - Job Description
VP Programs - Job Description
VP Education - Job Description
VP Public Relations - Job Description
VP Marketing - Job Description
Secretary - Job Description
Treasurer - Job Description
Hospitality Chair - Job Description
Webmaster - Job Description
Student Chapter Coordinator - Job Description

Website Procedures

List of registrants for an event
How to create a scheduled email
How to send an immediate email
How to create an event
How to create a survey
How to publish the president's message
How to publish newsletters
How to update the CBAR medallion
How to setup a new board member
How to redirect email from the website to personal email addresses
How to get member numbers for the newsletter & metrics